Visual Essay: Conceptual self portrait

The images are uploaded in order of completion. |

ve_drft2_ryanpihotaThis was the first draft. I really Idolize Bruce Lee cause he was amazing. Im a journalist and I made a mock page of my paper with me winning the Pulitzer, an aspiration of mine. That scale has no reason to be there.

This one is much more of a composition and my second draft. Be like water is a quote from Bruce Lee, I used some clipping masks and opacity to make the article faded and the color be part of the statue. The monkey, I really don’t have an idea why I added an inquisitive monkey.
This is my first real final version. It looks great and incorporates my two previous drafts. Blending modes really brought it together I think.

This is another draft. I really enjoy gaming and video editing and coding, so I made a mock up of an editing window in after effects of an esports broadcast as if it was in mid transition, and threw some blendmoded code in on the left.

ve_final4_pihotaThis is the FINAL final and my best visual essay. It has the elements of all of my drafts. The figure is clipping masked with newspaper cutlines and the computer has my previous editing draft in it. It has good use of whitespace and foreground and blending.


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