RyanPihota_Montage#1V1This piece used a multitool and a oddly shaped piece of wood that was used for architectural drawing I think.
For the first montage I tried to go for a cave drawing kind of look. I found a really nice color mix and a wall texture and used blend modes to make it look the way it does. If you want to read into it, I think it looks like a man  with his hands around a crocodile’s neck strangling it in a river.

RyanPihota_Montage#2V1For this one I went for the cave drawing look again,  but the tools are much more prominent. There is no story to this one it just looks pretty cool. RyanPihota_Montage#4_V3 RyanPihota_Montage#4_V5These last two i put a checkered pattern over them and used blend modes again to get the differences in color. The first one I want to remind someone of architectural drawing paper, the way the grid is laid out and colored and the tools are highlighted against it. I really enjoy how the Susan Burr metal logo stands out in the first one, and the second one just looks nice you know?


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