Creative Type

A creative type project. Using clipping masks and rasterized text I tried to make the text fit the mental image of broken glass. The marble cracking the class I lifted from the internet and just happened to fit perfectly.

The first one is my final product, the second one I experimented with a light blue overlay and some extra cracks in the bottom that I made from sampling from the original picture and altering their size and shape.crt_typ_final3_pihota

For the science piece I did not rasterize the text at all and only used blending modes, the transform tool, and the text warper to get the results. I put a light blue/white gradient on the background so the first picture sticks out against the white background of the website,

crt_typ_final4_pihota crt_typ_final4linearburn_pihota crt_typ_final4subtract_pihota


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